Chantal van Rijt
A Plea for the Unpleasant
SB34 The Pool - Brussels
Exhibition text by Timmy van Zoelen
A Plea for the Unpleasant invites entities to come and make their dwelling in the underground space of SB34 - The Pool. The title, inspired by the pages of ”Bugs and Beasts before the Law” by E.P. Evans, speaks of trials of the small and insignificant creatures of the earth - insects, worms, and rodents brought before the courts of man. In times past, a priest would recite curses and rhythmic rhymes in an attempt to banish these pests from our midst. But in this case, we do not shun these small beings, instead offering them an invitation to take up residence in the space, where they are allowed to thrive and fester in the crannies and the nooks.
List of works
Tiny Tube-Dwellers, plaster imprints of a sea snail shell, shellac varnish, 2022
Les Bestioles, secretion of Kerria lacca insects, beewax, plant fibre, 2023
Dinoflagelatta, bio-illuminescent algae, photographic print, 2023
Houses of Louses, enlarged imprints of houses of the spiral gall aphid, plaster, pigment, graphite, 2023
Barrière, concrete, water, 2023
Article - Mu in the City