Chantal van Rijt
Sugar for the Pill, Art Antwerp
Curated by Zeynep Kubat
List of works
Tiny Tube-Dwellers, plaster, shellac, 2022
FIN, video, no sound, continous loop, 2016
We need time and space for recovery. Not only from physical, but also from social ills. How can society heal from its self-inflicted wounds and from its collective traumas? Art can reveal those wounds and bittersweetly help us heal through confrontation and recognition. Collective healing becomes possible after individual detoxification. Through deep, sometimes even bodily, introspection, we must learn to make room for emancipation. This exhibition is an invitation to descend into an ethereal and visceral space of remediation; an artistic sanatorium where we question the existing frameworks of our corporeality and accelerate our societal metabolism.

Come to rest, learn and heal with artists Margaux Schwarz, Laurie Charles, Chantal van Rijt, Lysandre Begijn, Saddie Choua, Aurélie Bayad, Carole Mousset, Eline de Clercq, Lisa Ijeoma, Pélagie Gbaguidi.
(exhibition text by Zeynep Kubat)