Chantal van Rijt
Tiny Tube-dwellers, 2022
FIN, video, no sound, continous loop, 2016

Sugar for the Pill, in De Studio, Art Antwerp, 2022

A Plea for the Unpleasant at SB34 - The Pool, Brussels, 2023

Tiny tube-dwellers, 2022
Les Bestioles, 2023
Dinoflagelatta, 2023

Echo Eating Monster, Pfand, Brussels, 2022

timekeepers, 2022

The Council of Infestations, PGGM, Brussels, 2021

Therolinguistic Tale: A Verse of Wormdots and Seedlines, M-Residency, Leuven, 2020

Octagon Letter Press, wood, dried melons, 2020, Chantal van Rijt
Seeds, cyanotypes on paper, wooden frames, Maud Gourdon
Paniers-fictions, dried melons stitched together, Maud Gourdon

Domestic Echo, Museum M, Leuven, 2019

Veronica, 2017
Rubber Plank, 2019

SUNDAYS, 019, Gent, 2018

Orbus Orbuculum, 2018

Light, Dance, Kask Gent, 2017

Purple 6, 2017