Chantal van Rijt
Rubber Plank: Bits and Bites, 2019
silicone rubber, 150 x 15 cm
Installation view That Has Been

Otoliet, 2019
microscopic image of an otolith, ear stone of a fish, projected on a plaster tablet, 35 x 53 cm
Installation views SUNDAYS

Orbus Orbuculum, 2018
glass ball, metal, oak wood

each day the sun shines, a new line is burnt; the sun itself is tallying the passing days of the exhibition
IOI, 2018
plexiglass prism, water

Viva Solaris, 2018
website |

A Flower is Speaking to a Dog IV by Maud Gourdon, 2019
two wooden chairs on wheels
text | Domestic Echo by Koi Persyn
earth, molten aluminium, petridishes, projection of sun

site specific installation, made during a residency together with Jannes Snyers

Installation views STOCK #11

Installation view Curtain Call

Analemma, 2017
self-published, softcover, 20 x 27 cm, 48 pages, edition of 250

in collaboration with Werkplaats Typografie / Adriaan Van Leuven

White Light Red Slide, 2017
33 x 33 x 2,6 cm
blood, epoxy, metal wire
Master Graduation Show 2017, School of Arts Ghent

text | Regis Dragonetti, Onrust, 2017

text | Sophie Crabbé - Metropolis M, 2017

Camera Illuminati, 2017
lens, aluminium
33 x 33 x 10 cm
Veronica, 2017
two Kodak Carousels, arduino

website | Therolinguistic Tale; a verse of wormdots and seedlines
The Colony, 2020
jesmonite plaster, variabel sizes
concrete, 62 x 53 x 4 cm
Publication view Harbinger: Imperfect Agreements,

Installation views Domestic Echo

- by the worms of my floor

contribution to Une Quarantaine, 2020

The Shield of Ips II, 2020
Une Quarantaine, an exhibition in a newspaper with 40+ artists, brought together by Jeroen Los, Kasper de Vos and William Ludwig Lutgens
Per Aspera Ad Astra (through hardships to the stars)

in collaboration with Maud Gourdon
Museum M Leuven, 2019
Installation views Therolinguistic Tale; a verse of wormdots and seedlines

in collaboration with Maud Gourdon
Cas-co Leuven, 2020

by Curational Studies Gent, 2019
In de Ruimte, Gent, 2019
019, Gent, 2018

in collaboration with Jannes Snyers
het Paviljoen, Gent, 2018

IFFR, Rotterdam, 2018

Sun Projection XXII & XII, 2017

Installation View Mutatis Mutandis

Prospects, Art Rotterdam, 2021

veins/roots/coral made of silicon rubber
UV-print on copper, 60 x 80 cm
fake rocks, plaster
Mutatis Mutandis, 2021